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Jan 05 2017

A Bad Travel Day: What a Start to 2017!

I would normally agree that travel is often about the journey, not the destination, but in this instance I would have to disagree. I really could have done without the additional cost and stress, not to mention feeling hungry, cold, and wet. Let me start from the beginning.  I decided to go somewhere for the …

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Dec 30 2016

2016: A Year of Seizing Opportunities

I find it hard to believe that we have almost come to the end of yet another year, and what a year it has been!  With Brexit, Donald Trump’s controversial presidential election, increasing instability around the world, death and destruction, it has certainly been a difficult one.  2016 is a year that won’t easily be …

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Dec 07 2016

Bottled Water in India

In just a few short years, eight to be exact, things have changed.  When I was previously in India, it was easy to know which bottled water was safe.  I just looked for a bottle that had a cap sealed with plastic. It was the same when I was in Sri Lanka last Christmas.  That was …

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Nov 30 2016

Getting Around Iceland: A Practical Guide

In preparation for my holiday, I searched for ways of getting around Iceland because, apart from hiring a car or camper van, I had no idea what the options were.  I discovered that I could also take an internal flight, travel around by bus, hitchhike, and cycle.  There are no trains.  When I left for Iceland, I knew that I …

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Nov 23 2016

The Cash Crisis in India: Tips for Tourists

In the summer, before I went to Iceland, I booked a return flight to India for November.  A few days before I was due to leave, I heard on the news that the prime minister, Narendra Modi, had unexpectedly announced the withdrawal of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes from circulation.  I wasn’t sure how it would affect …

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Oct 11 2016

The Night I Tried Ayahuasca

A couple of weeks ago, I suddenly felt sick, and proceeded to throw up, not once but lots of times.  I was on my own in Manchester, feeling achy all over and cold.  I won’t labour the point. I’m sure you get the picture.  It wasn’t the best day I’ve ever had.  What was the …

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