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Apr 30 2012

Fame at last!

While on a blog trip to Italy recently, we were all surprised to find a camera crew waiting for us when we arrived at Lake Trasimeno.  The camera crew followed us around for most of the day which was a bit strange.  I mean, it’s not every day you get followed around my a camera crew, is it?  I have to say, they were fantastic and it was a really great day but I’m a bit camera shy so I found it really difficult to be myself.  I tried to avoid the camera and when I couldn’t I tried to avoid looking at it as much as possible.

We had no idea what they were going to do with the film they had taken.  That was until, later on that day, while we were at a local farm, we heard that we were going to be featured on Umbria’s local news.  There was a TV there so we watched when the afternoon news started and there we were… on local Umbrian news: ‘Fame at last’.

I managed to video it.  It’s not the best recording in the world but at least I caught it on camera.  This might be my only claim to fame so I wanted some memory of it and to show my parents, of course.  See if you can spot me!


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