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Aug 31 2012

That’s What I Call Traffic!

I think that most, if not all, of us have moaned and been stressed about the amount of traffic when desperately trying to get somewhere on time.  Well, take a look at this photo.  When I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, I was astounded by, not just the amount of traffic, but the amount of motorcyclists.  It’s truly staggering.


Ho Chi Minh is notorious for this.  A fellow traveller had pre-warned me about the volume of traffic in the city but I just couldn’t really appreciate the scale until I got there.   I hope this picture gives a sense of what it is like.  She also gave me a good piece of advice for crossing the road, which I found very scary to do but it was effective.  Because the traffic never seems to cease, she said ‘just keep looking at the traffic and walk at a constant speed across the road; do not stop or change your speed.’  Walking at a constant speed gives motorists the chance to judge where the pedestrians will be so they can avoid a collision.  It’s a scary thing to do but it does work.  Whenever possible, I avoided crossing roads and followed local people as they crossed to the other side.


This certainly isn’t the best quality photograph.  I took it while I was on a bus leaving the city.  I included it as a Foto Friday post because it gives a real sense of the amount and type of traffic in the city.  In addition, if you look closely, you can see families on the motorbikes, which is a usual sight in Asia.  At the bottom of the photo, there is a woman on the back of a motorbike and she is holding two young children.

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