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Sep 18 2012

Accommodation Can Be More Than Just A Place To Stay

Since I started travelling independently, I have stayed in all sorts of different types of places, depending on my needs at the time such as being near somewhere or something in particular, wanting to meet others, or looking for a certain type of experience.  Because of this, I believe that accommodation can be more than just a place to stay but part of the experience.


I didn’t always think this way though.  I used to consider accommodation as somewhere to sleep and leave my stuff.  I wanted it to be clean, central and good value for money but that was pretty much all I considered.  Whilst planning my latest journey, I realised just how many different types of accommodation there are available to travellers.  On this trip, I have arranged to stay at a wide range of different places: hotels, hostels, staying with local people (paid and unpaid) and working in exchange for bed and board.  I will be writing about these in more detail over the coming weeks but, while it was on my mind, I thought I would highlight the different experience and perspective you can have from staying in alternative accommodation.


When you search for a place to stay, what do you think about?  What’s important to you?  If you normally use just one type of accommodation, perhaps you could consider alternatives.  You might be pleasantly surprised.

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