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Feb 04 2013

Reasons For Going On A Round The World Trip

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I read an article recently on the Lonely Planet website about reasons why people go on a Round the World trip.  The following reasons were cited:

  1. Gap year
  2. Break up
  3. Midlife crisis
  4. Redundancy package
  5. Retirement
  6. Compassion
  7. Just because…


To be honest, I think most of the reasons why people travel are covered here, especially in the fairly all-encompassing ‘just because….’.

I went travelling around the world for year because of a combination of reasons: my relationship had ended and I had always wanted to travel but never had.  I wouldn’t call it a midlife crisis but it felt like it was a ‘now or never’ decision.  It was the break up that first got me thinking about my life differently and what I wanted.  After that,  it was ‘if I don’t do it now, I never will’ that kept me motivated along with setting goals and taking action.  So, it was an external motivator that initiated it but there was an internal motivator that helped to make it happen.  So, I think the seven reasons listed above might be initial motivators but they won’t necessarily keep you motivated, which means it  could remain a dream.

To stay motivated, you will want to have a trip that matches your wants, needs, expectations and future goals.  You need to be excited about it and overcome any fears you may have.  In order to do that and get the most out of your travel experience, you need to start from the beginning by working out what you want.  It really is worth investing the time and effort into it so you have the experience you want.  This might be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Some of the reasons the author has cited for going travelling concern me a little, perhaps unnecessarily, because they sound like it could be someone who is trying to escape from their problems.  That was something I was very conscious of before I went travelling.  I didn’t want to go travelling because I was running away from my problems.  I think it’s important to sort out any issues you have before you leave because independent travel isn’t always easy and the problems will probably still be there when you return.

Further information

There are many reasons why people decide to go travelling.  Whatever your reasons, it’s important to research and prepare before you go.  So, with this in mind, we’ve teamed up with the KBYG campaign, which is an initiative set up by The Foreign and Commonwealth Office to help travellers prepare for their trip. The FCO website ( offers straightforward travel advice, top tips and up to date country information to help you plan your holiday. They have also put together the attached checklist to help get you started.

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Which of the reason(s) above would or did motivate you to go travelling?  I’d love to hear what you think so please leave a comment below.  Thanks! 🙂

About the author

Teresa Keane

Teresa has been to almost 60 countries. She started travelling independently at the age of 38 when she gave up her job, rented out her house, put her possessions in storage and spent a year travelling the world. It changed her life. She now creates, publishes, & promotes online travel content and is an experienced freelance trainer & EFL teacher.

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