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Feb 13 2013

Romantic Destinations

As it’s the month of L ūüėČ VE‘, there are lots of lists of romantic destinations¬†circulating¬†at the moment. ¬†Being a bit of a dreamer and a romantic at heart, I thought I would add my two pennies worth. ¬†I have been very fortunate over the last few years to visit many countries, towns and villages. ¬†My list is compiled of places I have been to that struck me as romantic for one reason or another. ¬†Have a look and let me know what you think.

Si Phan Don, Laos

I have travelled to lots of places over the years that I have loved and want to revisit at some point but there is one in particular that sticks in my mind РSi Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands).  What made it so special was its relaxed atmosphere, staying in a stilt house on the Mekong, and being able to watch the sunrise from my hammock and then sunset later the same day on the other side of the island.

si phan don, don det, four thousand islands, laos, mekong, river, southeast asia, romance, romantic destination

The Sahara Desert, Morocco

Having the opportunity to stay in the desert overnight and then being able to see the sun rising in the morning was a wonderful experience.  The variation in light during the day, the sculptured sand, sitting around the fire, looking up at the stars, and cuddling up in  a tent at night make it a romantic destination in my book.

Romantic destination, romance, desert, sahara, africa, morocco

The Mekong Delta, Vietnam

There is something about sailing down the Mekong Delta in a boat that is romantic to me; perhaps it’s the way the palm trees create what seems like a never-ending arch.

mekong, mekong river, vietnam, asia, southeast asia, romance, romantic

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

I love Colonia del Sacramento because it harps back to a bygone age. ¬†The cobbled streets, old colonial buildings, and vintage cars give it the feeling that time stood still many years ago. ¬†It’s a beautiful town to wile away a few days, soak up the atmosphere, and be wined, dined ¬†and romanced.

romantic destinations, romance, colonia del sacramento, latin america, south america, classic car, street

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap might be very touristy but I think it is romantic.  Being able to share the amazing architecture and beauty of Angkor Wat with someone special followed by a romantic meal in the evening sounds like a perfect day to me.

romantic destination, romance, siem reap, angkor wat, asia, tree, building, ruins

Exmouth, Western Australia

I found the scenery in Western Australia jaw-dropping.  I could have chosen so many other places in WA but I chose this particular one because I sat on the beach and watched the sun setting.  It was beautiful and would have been very romantic if I had someone special to share it with.  Ah well, another time perhaps!

western australia, beach, sea, sand, romance, romantic destination

Longsheng Rice Terraces, China

Ah, the rice terraces fields at Longsheng. ¬†I love this photo because the clouds were low in the sky which makes it seem a bit mystical, don’t you think? ¬†I stayed there for one night which was great because there were very few people around. ¬†It gave me the opportunity to really appreciate this amazing feat of manual labour. ¬†It’s all done without the use of machinery because of its location. ¬†The sheer scale of the rice terraces is astounding. ¬†I think it’s very romantic because you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the towns and cities and enjoy some peace and quiet in this very tranquil and beautiful place.

terraced rice fields, china, asia, romance, romantic destination

Amazon Rainforest, Peru

I love the Amazon and would definitely class it as a romantic destination. ¬†I mean, just look at the photo. ¬†You really are getting away from it all when you go into the Amazon. ¬†You can stay in a stilt house (like the one in this photo), get around by boat (which is particularly interesting at night), and it’s so peaceful and tranquil because there is no sound apart from the wildlife. ¬†It’s an amazing experience that would be wonderful to share with someone special.

romantic destination, romance, amazon, rainforest, river, latin america, south america, peru, accommodation

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia and Peru

I spent a bit of time going from one island to the next on Lake Titicaca. ¬†Life on the islands seems different to the mainlands of Bolivia and Peru – a slower pace and simpler life but it certainly isn’t an easier one. ¬†It’s a very beautiful place and I think it would make a perfect romantic destination.

romance, romantic destination, bolivia, lake titicaca, island, lake, scenery

The Gili Islands, Indonesia

I ended up spending longer here than I thought I would which is surprising because I normally like to get away from it all.  Having said that, this is where I learned to scuba dive and it is possible to escape from the crowd even though it is a tiny island.  I saw some beautiful places to stay, as I walked around the island, that would be perfect as romantic getaways for any couple.

indonesia, the gillis, asia, beach, romance, romantic destination

Iguazu, Argentina and Brazil

It was a great feeling to finally see the waterfalls at Iguazu. ¬†They are truly spectacular. ¬†I thoroughly enjoyed my time there but I felt as if there was something, rather, someone missing; someone with whom I could share experience. ¬†I hadn’t expected to feel like that so, for me, it’s got to be another romantic destination.

romantic destination, romance, waterfall, brazil Iguacu, Iguazu, butterly, insect

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