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Mar 20 2013

Street Art In Berlin

I found Berlin to be a really fascinating city because it is bursting with creative talent.  I have never seen so much artwork in a city; it seemed to be everywhere I turned.  Some of the artwork in the city is incredible.  Here are just a few examples to give you an idea of the creativity that abounds Berlin.

Probably the best place to begin is Galerie Tacheles.  This five-story building has a long interesting history having been built in the early 1900s as a department store.  In the 1920s it became an electrical showroom until the Second World War when part of the building was damaged.  It was used as a Nazi prison for a period of time.  After the war, retailers and craft businesses moved in temporarily.  In the 1980s, part of the building was demolished but a group of artists called the Künstlerinitative Tacheles moved in to save the building from demolition.  A structural survey confirmed it was safe and it became listed as an historic landmark.  Until September 2012, it provided housing and work space for artists.

Berlin, graffiti, street artIn a car park at the back of Galerie Tacheles I found this painting, which I love.  It is so well done, it’s colourful, and the railings give the photograph an interesting perspective.
Berlin, graffiti, street art

The bananas that are painted on walls are interesting.  Apparently, it’s the work of Thomas Baumgaertel who paints bananas beside the art galleries he likes.  It’s not just in Berlin though but in other German cities and in cities around the world.  I have never noticed a banana painted on the side of any art galleries before but I will be looking out for them from now on!  Apparently, there are over 4000.
Berlin, graffiti, street art

This is the courtyard at Rosenthaler Straße where my walking tour came to an unexpected abrupt end.  This is one place where artists are legally allowed to express themselves and demonstrate their creativity.  The following photograph showcases just one section of the courtyard that is full of artwork.
Berlin, graffiti, street art
Around Alexanderplatz are some buildings with amazing art work.  Here are two examples…
Berlin, graffiti, street art

This is the Media Markt in Alexanderplatz.
Berlin, graffiti, street artThe following photograph of a female is one of a number of pictures by a street artist who goes by the name of XOOOOX.

Berlin, graffiti, street art
During a walk around Kreuzberg, I came across more artwork.  I have chosen two that I particularly liked.
Berlin, graffiti, street art

Berlin, graffiti, street art
This last photograph isn’t of any ordinary piece of street art.  If you look very closely at the bottom of the painting, you will see a familiar logo.  This piece was commissioned by Nike.
Berlin, graffiti, street art

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