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May 31 2013

A Real-life Disney Castle

I saw this building earlier in the week and thought it HAD to be the next Foto Friday.  When I saw it, I think I said, ‘Wow!’ out loud.
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There are lots of beautiful old buildings in Antwerp.  In fact, they’re two a penny… really!  This one just caught my imagination as soon as I saw it.  It’s… well, it’s magnificent and I immediately thought I had been transported to a real-life Disney castle.  You know, with the sweeping entrance up to the castle, the mixture of pointed turrets and circular top turrets with crenellations.  It isn’t as tall as the Disney castles but it is quite similar, don’t you think?  If not, I would be grateful if you would just humour me!

This magical, disney-like building is Antwerp’s oldest building and it has an interesting past which doesn’t make it sound quite so magical and mystical.  It was originally built as a medieval fortress, it then became a prison, after that someone’s residence, then a saw-mill, after that a fish warehouse before becoming a museum in 19th century.  It is now a cafe and there is a space designated for use by young children.


The Steen is located on the River Schedt, which is where the 1st Canadian Army along with British and Polish troops helped to re-open the port of Antwerp in 1944.

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There are other disney-like castles.  Do you have a favourite?

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