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May 03 2013

What a Croc!

Australia is an amazing and interesting country.  Part of my fascination comes from the fact that it has more than its fair share of deadly creatures.

I came across one of these during my time there –  the saltwater crocodile which, according to the Australian Geographic, has the most powerful bite of any species.
croc, crocodile, crockMy time in Australia began in the Northern Territory and this is where I got my first sighting and this photo of a saltwater croc.  I was on a boat at the time.  As we got closer to the crocodiles (plural as there were more than just one in the water), we were advised to stay seated inside the boat and be quiet.  As I sat there watching them and taking photos, it was a bit eerie being so close to these deadly creatures but, at the same time, I began to appreciate them as they glided effortlessly and with grace through the water.


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