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May 29 2013

What Surprised Me About Holland?

Wine, winery, viineyard, holland, netherlands, wine tasting

As I’m so worldly (not!), when I thought of Holland, I thought of tulips, windmills, trams, clogs… you know, the usual generalisations.  This time, however, I discovered something else about Holland that I hadn’t ever associated it with.  In fact, when I heard about it I thought, ‘What, you’re not serious?’ and pulled a funny face.  What was it that made me react in that way?  Wine and a winery.  Yep, I know, a bit of a surprise, huh?

I had never seen, heard of, or tasted Dutch wine so I felt compelled to investigate this revelation and check it out for myself.  So, for the purposes of research ONLY (the things I do for this blog!), I visited a Dutch, yes, Dutch winery to find out more about it and to sample some of the produce, of course.

Holland is a fairly new kid on the block when it comes to wine production but it seems to be ramping up its efforts to compete with the big boys.  The winery I went to is in a town called Groesbeek, which is near a small city called Nijmegen.

Wine, winery, vineyard, holland, netherlands, wine tasting

I was obviously intrigued but it was when I tried the first wine during the wine tasting session that did it for me.  It was an easy drinking white wine called Knapse Witte, which translates to Pretty White – nice name and great tasting wine!  As it turns out, this winery has won awards even though it is still a relative newcomer to producing wine.  We were there for a couple of hours having lunch, learning about wine production, seeing the vineyard, and tasting the wine.

Wine, winery, vineyard, holland, netherlands, wine tasting

If you’re interested in finding out more about Dutch wine, this is the website of the one I went to  It is only in Dutch so you will need to use a translation tool.  They speak very good English so, if you decide to pay them a visit, you will be able to communicate with them.  You could also email them.  You can book as a group or go on one of the open days on a Sunday.  They told me about a wine train, which picks you up and takes you back.  That solves the problem of getting home after a drink or five!

I would like to thank Visit Holland, the Nijemegen Tourist Office, and the winery for making this trip possible.

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  1. Wijnhoeve de Colonjes

    Thanks for the review!!


    You’re welcome! Thanks for the great lunch, wine, and information. I learned a lot about wine production that day. Best wishes, Teresa.

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