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Jun 12 2013

What’s So Great About Antwerp Anyway?

One of the great things about travelling independently is the freedom and flexibility to change and adapt your schedule.

While I was in Holland, two people mentioned how great Antwerp was. I had never been there before and hadn’t planned to go there.  After the second person told me I should go, I thought, ‘What the heck!’ and booked a train ticket to Antwerp as it was on my route down to Paris.

As it turns out Antwerp is a really interesting city and it has the most amazing architecture. There are beautiful old buildings everywhere (seriously) and lots of photo opps. I mean, just look at the train station I arrived at

train, travel, antwerp, belgium

and did you see the real-life disney castle in a recent Foto Friday?  It’s not just the architecture though ladies, it is a city of sparkly diamonds,

diamonds, shop, antwerp, belgium, tax-free, shopping

yummy chocolate and other sweet things,

desserts, puddings, cakes, sweets, antwerp, belgium

beer (I had a few of those because when in Belgium…),
beer, de koninck, belgium, belgium beer, antwerp
fashion, jazz, and it’s really quirky.

I’m not a city person but it didn’t feel like a city; it felt like a large town. I spent most of my time walking around, admiring the beautiful buildings and soaking up the atmosphere. I didn’t go into many places at all. I was only there for three nights and two of those days were Sunday and Monday, which isn’t the best time to be there. On Sundays, most places are closed and on Mondays the museums aren’t open.

I keep talking about Antwerp and seem to have turned into some kind of advocate for it.  Someone said to me that I must be getting paid but I’m not.  I did get a free City Pass from Visit Antwerpen but I only used it once because I didn’t visit any museums and only went inside the cathedral.  I’m just a very enthusiastic person and when I love something (like Antwerp), I just keep bringing it up in conversation and… I love Antwerp because… oh, I don’t know… the architecture, the people, the quirkiness of the place… just everything about it really.  I’m definitely going to return one day because there is so much more to see and do there.


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Have you  been to Antwerp?  If so, what’s your experience?  If not, are you thinking of visiting?

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