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Aug 19 2013

7 Money-Saving Transport Tips for Travelling around the UK

Money-saving tips using UK Transport, train stationPeople often consider travelling around the UK to be really expensive. Yes, it can be expensive but there are ways of cutting costs and travelling more cheaply.

A recent journey from London to Exeter a couple of weekends ago got me thinking about this.  On that Friday evening, I was working out my best option for getting to Exeter the next day and returning to London the following Monday as easily and cheaply as possible. Yes, I know, I left it to the last minute again but… what’s new?

Anyway, here are some tips that will hopefully help you to travel more cheaply around the UK.

  1. Take time to do some research on the internet. Look at all your possible transport options for getting to your destination.  Make a list and compare the costs of the various transport options, include comparing like for like e.g. train travel on one website compared with another.

  2. Be flexible, if you can, in terms of time, if not dates.

  3. Travel at off-peak times.

  4. Book as early as you can. The key to getting the best deal for price and availability is to book as early as possible. That isn’t always an option and if you are a spontaneous traveller like me then you will be booking at the last minute. It’s harder to get the best deals but you still want to get the best deal you can at the time.

  5. Book online because that’s where the best deals are.

  6. Look at the possibly of booking your outbound and return journeys separately. It might be easier to book a return ticket but it won’t necessarily be the cheapest way.

  7. Compare all the information and think of how you prefer to travel. You might find that you can get a good deal on your preferred mode of transport one way only.  This happened to me so I booked a coach for my outbound journey and a train (my preferred mode of transport) for my return journey.

If you do all of this, you are much more likely to get the best deal and save money on your transport costs.  The companies I use the most are: The Trainline, Megabus (trains and coaches), and National Express (coaches only).

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