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Aug 23 2013

A Beachfront Sculpture in Pesaro

This week’s Foto Friday is a sculpture I came across during a very short visit to Pesaro, where I was representing Traveldudes.  Can you guess what it might be?Ball of Tomato

Well, it seems to be widely known as La Palla del Pomodoro, which translates to The Ball of Tomato. It isn’t actually a sculpture of a tomato though and this isn’t its actual name.  It is, in fact, a sphere within a sphere and, as far as I can find out, that is its official name.

The bronze sphere is the work of an Italian sculptor, Arnaldo Pomodoro.  You may have already seen some of his work in other parts of the world such as New York and Dublin where there are similar structures.  I can only assume it has become known as La Palla del Pomodoro because Pomodoro is the sculptor’s surname and it is in the shape of a ball, I suppose.  That seems to be the most logical explanation to me.

The sheer size of the sculpture, the strong bronze sphere standing proud as it is lit up by the sun against the clear blue sky, and its reflection in the water below make it a real spectacle.  The fact that it is located on the beachfront makes it even more impressive.

You certainly won’t miss it as you stroll along the beachfront in Pesaro so it’s a good landmark and meeting point.


Pesaro is in Marche, with Emilio-Romagna to the north and Abruzzo to the south.

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Have you seen one of these sculptures either in Pesaro or in another part of the world?


I visited Pesaro in June this year as part of a larger project called the Adrimob Project, which aims to enhance and promote the Adriatic area.

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