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Oct 18 2013

Stari Most: The Symbol of Mostar

The bridge that is the focus of this week’s Foto Friday is one that has been well photographed.  The reason for choosing it is because of its history and significance to the city in which it is located, Mostar.


The Old Bridge, Stari Most, is located in the Old City of Mostar (Stari Grad) and was constructed in 16th century, during the Ottoman period.  It was quite an undertaking at the time.  There are two towers: Tara, on the east bank, and Halebija, on the right bank, that were added later in the 17th century.  The towers were used for various things – to store ammunition,  as a prison, and a look-out post.  However, the original reason for the bridge was to provide access from one side of the city to the other, which it did for 427 years.  This helped Mostar grow and develop from a small town into the country’s fourth largest city.  Diving off the bridge is a tradition that dates back to when the bridge was originally built and there is a diving competition every July.

But in 1993, all that history and tradition came crashing down when, during a targeted bombing attack, the bridge was completely destroyed.  A few years after the conflict ended, the Old Bridge was painstakingly rebuilt to once again stand majestically over the Neretva River as it did for many centuries before.

The thing is, when I first arrived in Mostar, I admired the beauty of the bridge and its surroundings, photographed it, and walked along it but I didn’t fully appreciate the significance or hard work and craftsmanship of the bridge.  That all changed when I visited the Museum of the Old Bridge.  The video that documents the reconstruction gave me a new-found appreciation for the bridge.  For that reason and because of the panoramic view, I would highly recommend visiting the Museum of the Old Bridge, which is located in Tara Tower on the east side.


This is where Stari Most is located in Mostar…

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Getting there

Mostar has a train and bus station, which are next to each other, so you can get to and from a variety of locations in and outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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