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Oct 15 2013

Trebinje: A Picture-Perfect Setting

Trebinje was my first introduction to Bosnia and Herzegovina but I had never heard of it until a day or so before I arrived in the country.  While I was looking at different routes into Bosnia and Herzegovina from Montenegro, I saw a picture of Trebinje on the internet.  It looked pretty and it was in a good location for the route I wanted to take so that’s how I ended up in a place I knew very little about.

Trebinje exceeded my expectations with its picture postcard views and friendly locals.  Even with its close proximity to Dubrovnik, it doesn’t have the same footfall of tourists and, being a small city, it’s possible to have some ‘alone time’, should you need it.

Here’s a short list of just a few things you can see and do, should you decide to visit Trebinje.

1.  Take a stroll along the river

You will see a number of locals walking, jogging, or just sitting down by the riverside so why not join them?  This really is a picture-perfect setting with the blue sky and mountainous backdrop, especially when you spot your first view of the 16th century Ottoman Arslanagic Bridge (Perovica Most), which hops gracefully over the Trebišnjica river.

The Trebišnjica river.

2.  Visit the Herzegovina Museum

I am not really a museum-goer but I decided to visit this particular museum because I wanted to find out more about Herzegovina.  It’s housed in a 19th century former Austro-Hungarian barracks and is set over about 3 floors.  It has a mixture of exhibits from different periods but it is the information about the history of Herzegovina that makes it worth visiting, in my opinion.

Hercegovina Museum

3.  Take a hike

It’s a bit of an uphill walk to Hercegovacka Gracanica but it’s worth it to get a panoramic view of the city and surrounding area.  If you can’t or don’t want walk 2 kms uphill, you can drive on the smooth tarmaced road all the way to the top.  I was amazed when I reached the top because there was more up there than I realised.  There is the church where the famous Serbian Poet, Jovan Ducic, is buried and a bell tower.

Hercegovacka Gracanica

There’s also a cafe, an art museum that has an interesting exhibition of ancient religious paintings, an amphitheatre that has a spectacular view, and plenty of place to hike around before making your descent.

Panoramic view of Trebinje

4.  The Fallen Soliders’ Memorial

This is located in the centre of Trebinje, just outside the old town, in memory of all the soldiers who died during the conflict in the 1990s.
The Fallen Soldiers' Memorial, Trebinje

5.  Visit the old town

The old town is situated on the riverbank.  This tiny old town, which used to be the centre of trade and craft, was built during the Ottoman period on the site of a medieval fortress.  This is where the Herzegovina Museum is located and there are a number of cafes and restaurants where you can wile away an hour or so. Trebinje


Trebinje is referred to as one of the most beautiful towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina and I would agree with that, having been there.  So, if you fancy visiting, this is where it is located on the map…

Center map
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Getting there

While I was in Trebinje, I was surprised to find out how accessible it actually is.  You can get to and from a number of places by bus, not just in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also in Serbia and Croatia.  I have included a copy of the bus timetable I was given by a member of staff at the Tourist Information Office because it’s really useful.  Please be aware that it might be out of date by the time you read this.  The first column lists all the places you can get to from Trebinje, the second is the time of departure from Trebinje, and the final column is the time of arrival in Trebinje.

Trebinje bus timetable

Have your say

Have you been to Trebinje?  If so, do you have any other suggestions of things to see or do there?

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