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Dec 27 2013

Another Track in the Wall at The O2

A friend and I decided to avoid the crowds as much as possible on Boxing Day, so we headed to North Greenwich.  I had only been there once before, when I took the Emirates Air Line, with a few other wonderfully crazy travel bloggers in November.  Then, we walked past the O2 Arena and didn’t go inside.  My curiosity got the better of me this time, so we went in.

I had no idea of what it would be like inside but, when I went in and started walking around, it reminded me of the Printworks in Manchester, purely because it looks like you’re walking down a street.  There are bars, restaurants, and a multiplex cinema, among other things.  Just before we got to the end, we came across this which intrigued me and is the focus for this week’s Foto Friday.

O2 tracks O2 Arena

At first, I thought it was all fake.  But, on closer inspection, I mean, touching the wall, I realised that these were all real items.  There were a mixture of old cassette tapes, records, VHS video tapes, an old CRT TV, speakers etc.  Everything you see in this photo is real.  It was very unexpected and I like that.  As you know, I like quirky and this is definitely quirky.  Many of the tapes (cassettes and videos) had handwritten labels so that means they were blank tapes that people had recorded onto.  My friend and I wondered if people had donated them but there was no information to confirm our assumption.

Better still, I think you can actually listen to music.  If you look at the panel that has a speaker under it and one to its left, as you look at the photo, it says ‘O2 Tracks. Plug in your headphones and play’   It has a power button and a knob for the volume as well as headphone jacks.  Underneath that is the touch screen to select the music.  If I had my headphones with me, I’d have given it a go but I didn’t.  Next time I’m there, I will test it out.


This is where the O2 is located:

Center map
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To see this wall, turn right when you get into the O2 and walk down the street until you see it on your right.  It is opposite Britain’s Museum Of Popular Music.

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Have you been to the O2 and seen this wall?  Do you know if the items were donated or how they were procured?  I’d love to know the answer.

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