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Dec 13 2013

Unusual London Residents

This Foto Friday is a photograph I took yesterday while I meandered around Central London.  I just went for a walk, not really thinking of where I was going, and ended up in St James’s Park.  I had only been there once or twice before so it was great to spend a bit of time there, away from the chaos of London, especially at this time of year being as it is so close to Christmas.

St James’s Park is the oldest of the 8 Royal parks in London and at the east end, where Horse Guards Parade is, is where you will find the creatures in this week’s Foto Friday.

St James's Park Lake

Yes, you would be correct in thinking they are pelicans because they are.  The pelicans, although not native to the UK, have been resident in St James’s Park since 1664 when they were given as a gift by the Russian Ambassador.  Neither the pelicans nor the squirrels are the slightest bit shy.  I suppose they are used to their celebrity status in the park and being gawped at and photographed umpteen times a day.  Other exotic animals have also graced the park in the past – a crocodile, an elephant, and a few camels.  These were gifts from the King of Spain during the reign of James II in the 17th century.

The international theme continues with the new fountain, which was installed in 2011.  It is called the Tiffany Fountain because it’s the result of a rather generous donation by The Tiffany & Co Foundation in New York.

There is a bridge (The Blue Bridge) nearby.  I would suggest walking across it because you will get a spectacular view when you look left and right.  If you look left, you will see Buckingham Palace and to your right you will see the London Eye.


You can see on the map where it is located, should you wish to visit when you’re next in London.

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