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Mar 17 2014

Accommodation Review: GowithOh! Berlin

If you’ve been following me on any of my social media channels, you will know that I was in Berlin for a few days.  It was my second time to the city and I was there, once again, for ITB, a travel trade show.  It was also my second time staying in a holiday rental flat/vacation apartment; this time with GowithOh!

On arrival

For three nights, I stayed in a four-bedroom apartment in Berlin, sharing with three other women.

On the day of arrival, we all met outside the apartment building in the early evening, after the trade show.  There was someone there to show us around and give us the keys.  I know they say first impressions count, but you really need to give this apartment block a bit more than the 30 seconds or so it takes to form a first impression.  You see, the door to the apartment block doesn’t look particularly appealing with graffiti all over it, but it’s… Berlin.  As soon as you walk in, there are bicycles on your left.  The lack of natural light means the hall and stairwell are very dark, although there are lights to illuminate the way.  It might seem a little uninviting with walls that look as if they could do with some tender loving care and attention but, if you look past that you can see the raw beauty of the building with the winding staircase and the big tall apartment doors as well as the history and the stories, if only the walls could talk.

 Having ascended to the first floor, the apartment door was flung open and light flooded the stairwell.  When you first walk into the building, it’s hard to imagine that you will find a beautifully presented apartment but, that’s what we found.  It has a good size hallway, high ceilings, and huge rooms.  We were given a tour of the apartment so we knew where everything was.  It looked good, but it really got the thumbs up from us when we discovered it had two bathrooms between the four of us.  That was a big plus.  We were given the keys and then we had to decide who would have which room.

The layout

The apartment is all on one level.  As you walk into the apartment, there are two rooms on the left and one on the right.  The first room on the left is the biggest in the whole apartment.  One half, at the far end of the room, is designated as the living area while the other half can be used as a bedroom.  The room next to it is a twin bedroom.  The door on the right as you walk in through the front door of the apartment is a shower room with a toilet.  As the hall bends round to the right, there is a kitchenette on the right-hand side, which is quite unusual as there is a fully-equipped kitchen on the right after the kitchenette.  The next door along on the right leads to the second bathroom and the room at the end is a very large double bedroom.

The bedrooms

All the bedrooms, as you can probably tell, are massive, especially the one at the end of the apartment, which happened to be my bedroom for those few days.  There is plenty of space to store things with a wardrobe for each bedroom as well as bedside cabinets.  The bedroom at the end also has added extras such as a flat-screen TV, chairs, a coffee table, and a sofa.

The living area

The living area has huge windows which look out onto a side road.  It was most definitely used for its intended purpose while we were there, lounging around on the sofas watching whatever was on the enormous flat-screen TV.  It was also used as a work space. 🙂

The kitchen

It seemed a bit unusual to have a kitchenette in the hallway when there is a fully-fitted and equipped kitchen, but it’s there if you need it.  The kitchen houses the boiler, has a dishwasher, kitchen table and chairs, microwave, oven, and everything necessary to cook.  So, there really is no need to go out.  As I was only in Berlin for a few nights for the trade show, I was out for most of the time and didn’t eat in the apartment at all.  It’s a shame with such great facilities.  If I had been travelling for a while, I’d have been really grateful to have such great facilities because eating out can get really expensive and it’s nice to stay in and cook rather than eat out every night.  The novelty wears off pretty quickly.

The bathrooms

As mentioned earlier, there are two. One is a shower room with a toilet, sink, and bathroom cabinet.  The other has a bath, a shower attachment, toilet, sink, bathroom cabinet.  There is also a washing machine, which makes it a little cramped, but it’s great to have this facility.  It can be difficult trying to find a launderette when you need one.  I didn’t see a launderette although, to be honest, I wasn’t actively looking for one.

The facilities

The facilities were great, in particular the WiFi, hairdryer, iron, washing machine, and dishwasher.

There is WiFi access, which is useful whether you are in Berlin for business or pleasure.  We all had work to do and needed access to the Internet for that reason.  The WiFi worked well and, the odd time my connection dropped off, I went into the kitchen just as we were told on check-in because that’s where the strongest signal is.

The flat has gas central heating.  We didn’t need to adjust the temperature at all.  We were told that we might have to wait at times for the water to reheat, if someone had a long shower, but we didn’t experience any problems at all.  I never had to wait to use the bathroom, but that’s the beauty of having two bathrooms, I suppose.

There were only two sets of keys between us.  I had one set and the others had a set between them.  They were intending to stay together, so that worked out fine.  I’m not in the habit of losing keys, nonetheless, I was a little concerned when I was told that one of the keys would cost €90 to replace.  That sounded really expensive to me until one of my flatmates said that some of those keys can cost up to €200 to replace.  All of a sudden, €90 seemed rather reasonable!

The decor

The flat is simply decorated in neutral colours with the odd splash of colour from the furnishings.


It is well situated with the nearest U-bahn, Senefelderplatz (named after the inventor of lithography), just a few steps away.  I was surprised at all the places to eat and drink and shops that are within spitting distance.  There are three places right outside the front door as well as a couple of supermarkets down the road.

The map below shows you where the flat is located in Berlin.

Center map
Google MapsGet Directions


This really felt like a home from home.  Whether it’s a group of friends, travellers, a family, or business colleagues, this apartment gives you the opportunity to experience what it’s like to live in one of the large apartment buildings in Berlin for less than the price of a private room in a hostel, if there are four of you sharing or the price of a bed in some hostel dorm rooms in Berlin, if there are 6 of you sharing.  There is plenty of space so, you don’t feel on top of each other.   Being able to cook, do your washing, having two bathrooms in this spacious apartment, and the location make it a great place to stay during a trip to Berlin.

For information about this GowithOh Berlin apartment, to see other reviews, and to make a booking, click here.


I would like to thank Sara and Cristina from GowithOh! for providing us with a place to stay and their hospitality while I attended ITB Berlin and Melvin from Traveldudes for organising it.  I didn’t pay to stay here, but I have done my utmost to give an honest review of my experience at the apartment, but the best thing to do is check out the reviews on the GowithOh site for yourself.


    • Sara GowithOh on 19/03/2014 at 08:43

    Thanks for the detailed review Teresa! We are so happy that you felt at home while in Berlin and soooo hapyy to meet you in person! Happy Travels!

  1. You’re welcome and thank you too, Sara. It was great to live in an apartment for a few days and get a more ‘local’ experience. I didn’t have that last year.

    Best wishes,


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