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Jul 29 2014

Modlin Airport to the Centre of Warsaw: Bus or Train?

Before leaving for Warsaw, I booked my accommodation and looked at the various options of how to get  there from Warsaw–Modlin Mazovia Airport.  My initial thought was to get the train because it seemed like a straight route.  However, things are never as simple as they seem.  Well, not in my case at least.  So, what happened?

Having retrieved my backpack from the carousel at Modlin Airport, I walked through the doors and found an ATM immediately to my right.  Armed with oty, I walked over to the desk selling train tickets.  When I enquired about buying a ticket, I realised the journey wasn’t going to be quite as simple as I had initially thought.  I looked to my right and saw a massive queue for the ModlinBus.  That’s obviously people’s preferred choice and understandably so if it’s a direct route.  Even if it was more expensive than the train, I was prepared to pay extra for a quicker, more direct route, like all the other people queuing up.  I joined the long line of people and, when it was my turn, I asked for a ticket to the centre of Warsaw.  To my surprise, the person at the desk told me the bus was full and I’d have to wait an hour for the next one.  Rather than hanging around the airport, I joined the small queue that had formed in front of the train ticket desk and bought a ticket to the centre of Warsaw.

Modlin to Warsaw C train ticket

I asked again to check if it was direct.  I was told that I would have to change trains.  Not only that, but I had to first get a bus from the airport to the train station.  Thankfully, I was able to get on the airport bus straightaway because it was there ready and waiting.  After a 5 minute ride or so, we all got off and followed the signs for Warsaw, which were pretty clear, and got on the waiting train.  So far so good.


The conductor came round and I said, ‘Warszawa Centralna’ because I needed to know where to change trains.  She didn’t speak English, but she got out her phone and showed me a text in English with directions of how to get there.  I took a photo of it with my phone because I really didn’t want to get lost.

Text message with train details

I watched out for the stop and followed the directions.  I got to the correct platform, but I had no idea whether to get a train from the left or right track.  There was a train waiting on one side, but I wasn’t sure if that was the train I needed.  I couldn’t see Warszawa Centralna written anywhere.  I tried asking someone in uniform, but he didn’t understand English and had no time for me.  Great!  I waited and then asked someone getting on it and he confirmed that it was the train to Warszawa Centralna.  I got on, sat down, and looked out of the window to make sure I didn’t miss my stop.  I didn’t see any that said Warszawa Centralna, but I saw some people, who I thought had been at the airport, getting off.  I also thought I heard someone say, ‘Warszawa Centralna’.  I was a little confused because the station was Warszawa Śródmieście.  I asked someone, ‘Warszawa Centralna?’, and he nodded.  I quickly got off the train.  As it was departing, I wondered if he was confirming that I was on the correct train to Warszawa Centralna rather than at the station.  I went up to a lady and said, ‘Warszawa Centralna?’ and she nodded.  I was still confused because there was no sign for it.  I thought I might have to get a metro to it.  However, when I asked someone else, who could speak English, he said it was the station I was at.  Once I left the station and saw the Novotel building and the Palace of Culture and Science, I knew I was in the correct place.  It must have taken me a good hour and a half to get there  with a bus and two trains compared to one 40 minute bus ride.

The Palace of Science and Culture

I spoke to a member of the hostel staff about it and he was surprised at the difficulty I had had.  He said there is a direct train from Modlin to Warszawa Centralna, but there was maintenance work or something going on at the time.  That’s just my luck!

Travel Tips

  • Modlin Airport, a former military airfield, is about 40 kms from the city centre.
  • According to the airport’s website, there should be a direct train from Modlin train station to Warszawa Centralna.  I think I was unfortunate, but it’s worth checking that you don’t have to change trains should you decide to use this mode of transport.
  • Warszawa Śródmieście is connected to Warszawa Centralna by an underground pedestrian passage.  Because the latter serves long-distance trains, the train will probably stop in Warszawa Śródmieście.  Just alight the train and walk up the steps until you leave the station.  Look for the Palace of Culture and Science (pictured above), the Novotel, or the Marriott.  If you see any of those, you now you are at Warszawa Centralna.
  • If you book the ModlinBus online, in advance, it can also work out cheaper than taking the train.  If you wait until you get to the airport, it will be more expensive and you won’t be guaranteed a seat.
  • For simplicity, book a ModlinBus ticket online and that will remove all the stress, hassle, and guesswork.  That’s what I’ll be doing next time I use this airport.


I have pinpointed everything on the map, so you can see the route I took.

Center map
Google MapsGet Directions

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Which would you prefer, the bus or train journey?


Please note: I don’t have any affiliation with ModlinBus.  I haven’t been asked to write anything for them; I haven’t been given anything free nor have I had anything paid for by them.

About the author

Teresa Keane

Teresa has been to almost 60 countries. She started travelling independently at the age of 38 when she gave up her job, rented out her house, put her possessions in storage and spent a year travelling the world. It changed her life. She now creates, publishes, & promotes online travel content and is an experienced freelance trainer & EFL teacher.


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  1. Amad

    Thanks, really useful … I will book a direct bus … It seems the best way at least when you don’t know polish.

  2. Teresa Keane

    I’m glad you found the information useful. Amad. Yes, the bus is definitely easier when you don’t speak Polish. I pre-booked the bus the second time I went to Modlin, and it was much easier.


  3. Carlos

    Thanks a lot! Really useful 🙂

  4. Teresa Keane

    You’re welcome, Carlos!

  5. Shaun Grimes

    Hi Teresa, we are a group of 6 males arriving at Modlin early November. Is the best method to get to Warsaw centre by bus? Or is a direct train better? We are staying at the Sofitel Hotel so where should we align either bus or train. Thank you in advance for your advice. Shaun.

  6. Teresa Keane

    Hi Shaun.
    The ModlinBus is the most convenient way to get from Modlin Airport to the centre of Warsaw because it stops right outside the airport terminal. However, you need to book it in advance, especially if there are six of you. When you get off the bus, you’ll be a couple of kilometres from the Old Town, which is where I think the Sofitel is. I know the number 116 bus goes in that direction, but as there are six of you, you might be better getting a taxi once you get off the bus.
    Have fun!

  7. Margarida

    Hello, Teresa!
    This is so helpful! I’m traveling with my boyfriend from Lisbon to Warsaw next September. Our main goal for this trip is to visit Auschwitz. So we will be traveling to Krakow by train from Warsaw. Do you know where is the best train station to go from one place to another. With that information it will be easier for us to choose an hotel near the station. Thanks!

  8. Teresa Keane

    Dear Margarida.

    I’m glad the info is helpful. You might like to check out this post which is all about how to travel around Poland – your transport options. The most comfortable and quickest way to get from Warsaw to Krakow is via the Pendolino train. In just two hours, you’ll be in Krakow. It’s great, although it is the most expensive way to travel. If you choose that, you will leave from Warsaw Centralny and go to Krakow Glowny (Krakow’s main train station).



  9. haveapoleupyourazz

    have you tried the ‘’ site? it helps a bit if you dont know how to get from one plce to another and in the top right corner is an english version

  10. Teresa Keane

    Hi! Yes, I found out about that site when I moved to Poland, so I used that as well as another.

  11. Chris

    Thank you Teresa, this is very helpful. I am making my first trip to Warsaw next month and seeing this information in print from another English speaker is quite convenient. We will be using Modlin to travel to/from Wroclow and Gdansk and I was researching transit from Old Town to the airport when I came across this page. We will also be using the bus to make the trip to Krakow. Great write up and many thanks.

  12. Teresa Keane

    Hi Chris.

    I’m glad the information is useful.

    If you are travelling from Wroclaw to Gdansk or to most of the other Polish cities, you won’t be able to use the Modlin Bus; you’ll have to use another mode of transport. Check out my post for getting around Poland.

    Poland is a wonderful country to explore. Have fun!


  13. Matty

    Hey Teresa!
    Thanks for taking your time to write this ‘blog’. I’m travelling from Modlin Airport to Warsaw centre in February 2016. I’m looking at the cheapest way to get there. How much did you pay for the train, and how much for the bus?
    Thanks 🙂

  14. Teresa Keane

    You’re welcome, Matty!

    The price might change, but it was 17zl for the shuttle and train when I used it. The price for the ModlinBus changes, so you will need to check on the website. However, if you book now, you might get the cheapest price, which is 9zl. I’ve taken both the train and bus, and the bus was quicker, more convenient, and more comfortable.

    Have fun in Warsaw and wherever else you go in Poland!



  15. Rahema

    Hi! I will be traveling to modlin airport from warsaw central or zachodnia station. I want to know how to get to the airport by bus and what are the steps to getting there? 🙂

  16. Teresa Keane

    Hi Rahema.

    As I said in the post, Modlin Bus is a good option. It’s quick and takes you straight from Warsaw Central to Modlin Airport. Here’s the website . You can book in advance. It guarantees you a seat, and it works out cheaper.

    Have fun in Warsaw!


  17. Rahema

    Hi! Thank you for the info! I have been to Warsaw central station before. But I was wondering if the bus goes directly from there or if I have to walk to a near bus station? And what station would that be? 🙂

  18. Teresa Keane

    Hi Rahema.

    The information is on the website I linked to. The bus stop is located on Marszałkowska street, which is in front of the Palace of Culture and Science, close to the central train station in Warsaw. If you’ve already been to Warsaw, you’ll know where it is. Then again, it’s impossible to miss the Palace of Culture and Science.

    Have fune!


  19. Kev Paterson

    Very useful and thank you for publishing this. I have made notes. My only concern with booking the modlinbus is what happens if our flight is delayed slightly and we miss the time we have booked ? Do you happen to know ? Thank you again

  20. Teresa Keane

    I’m glad it was useful, Kev.

    The bus is at the airport to collect passengers. If the plane is delayed, all the passengers booked on the bus would miss it. I imagine there is a contingency plan for that, but it is something you would have to check with the company.

    Have fun in Warsaw!


  21. Kate

    Hi! Never used Modlin Bus. There were four of us and we ordered taxi. Paid just 89 PLN / 21 EUR to reach from Modlin to hotel in Warsaw. It was a constant price for trip from Airport to any place in Warsaw. For us it was more comfortable and cheap, than bus 🙂 We used Beebeep taxi.

  22. Check C

    really good advice, I guess im skipping WMI and fly directly to the warsaw chopin airport to avoid the hassle

  23. Teresa Keane

    Hi Kate.

    For one person, it is a bit pricey, but for a group, that’s definitely very affordable, quicker, and more comfortable than any other mode of transport. Thanks for the information!


  24. Teresa Keane

    That’s fair enough! If you take a taxi, just make sure you agree a reasonable price before you get in it. I met someone who was shocked at the price when she went to pay for her ride from the airport to the centre of Warsaw.

    Wishing you a wonderful time in Poland!


  25. alfs

    HI teresa

    is there any train or bus goes from Warsaw modlin airport to krakow railway station? please give me all tips and links to book tickets . WRITE DO AND DONTS aswell


  26. Teresa Keane


    There isn’t a direct train or bus from Modlin to Krakow. You need to get to central station in Warsaw, and then take a train to Krakow. You can check train times and prices on Poland’s rail service by clicking on the following link Look at the PolskiBus website if you are happy to take a bus. It’s a longer journey, but it’s a lot cheaper . All the information about the bus, such as where to get it, is on the website.

    Have a great time in Poland!



    I want to know that where the bus is standing at Modlin Airport, as I want to travel to Modlin Railway station from modlin airport, and then I want to travel with the train to central. So can you tell me. thanks

  28. Teresa Keane

    Hi Saurin.

    The bus to the station stops outside the airport terminal. To travel to the centre of Warsaw by train, buy a ticket in the terminal. You can take a look at the trains from the intercity link I posted in the previous comment.

    Have fun in Poland!


  29. Axel

    Thank you a lot it will really help me! I’m so happy that I found your article

  30. Teresa Keane

    You’re welcome, Axel.

    Happy travels!


  31. Papu das

    Hi Teresa,
    I am going to Warsaw for two days in Oct. Have you written any blogs for Warsaw. Much appreaciate if you can share one with few informations like things to do in Warsaw,transport etc

  32. Teresa Keane


    You’re travelling around a bit, aren’t you. Good for you!

    I have written anything on Warsaw. I have been, but I’ve spent very little time there. Did you go, or are you there now?


  33. Christopher Coffman

    Thank you sooo much for taking all the time to share your experience – I live in Warsaw but am flying into Modlin for the first time and even with pretty solid Polish transit can be a bit tricky – One thing I’d suggest for people reading this (though it won’t help at first arrival) is getting a SIM card from “PLAY” (Orange is a ripoff) or another good carrier – or a cheap Polish cell – with GPS – that has saved me Sooo many times when Trams are suddenly rerouted or you happen to get one that’s not modernized – knowing what direction you’re going and when you’ve “veered from expectation” is really important in Poland in my experience – and having a “Radio Taxi” phone number as a backup (which you shouldn’t need in Warsaw really)… is a good idea if you end up somewhere and don’t feel comfortable.

  34. Teresa Keane

    Hi Christopher,

    Thank you for taking the time to write a comment.

    You’re right – being prepared for the unexpected is always a good thing when you travel. Having a taxi number is handy. I know people who have been ripped from when taking taxis in and around Warsaw.

    I agree with your choice of SIM. I used Play when I lived in Poland. Not everyone will want to get a SIM for a few days, but it is useful. The easiest option is to take the bus. It’s quick, direct, and affordable, especially when booked in advance. I’ve used it since writing this post.

    Best wishes,

  35. Dina

    Hi,i am planning my trip to from modlin airport to warsova centralna wuth modlinbus…and then intercity …am i right??

  36. katrin

    Hello! Does anyone know how much time a taxi needs to get from Modlin airposrt to Warsaw city centre? Thanks!!

  37. Teresa Keane

    Hi Dina,

    Wonderful! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I honestly don’t know how to get from Warsaw to Katowice. I would imagine you will have two options: bus or train.


  38. Teresa Keane

    Hi Katrin,

    I can’t remember how long that journey took by direct bus. A quick internet search should help you find the answer. Alternatively, you could look to see how long the Modlin bus takes. That will give you a rough idea.


  39. DINA

    Hi Teresa ,
    thanks for your interest !many sites show me both ways so it depends from my arrivel to modlin airport..

  40. Filip

    Interesting to read this since I am going to fly to Modlin next week. I think I will take the train. Sounds more fun. Thanks for the info!

  41. Talis Cox

    Hello booked to come over in July just read your info on travelling from modlin to Warsaw which is very helpful.we are spending a few days in Warsaw,then travelling up to Gdansk for a few days, is there a bus direct if not do I have to get the bus into Warsaw then get the train to Gdansk?

  42. Teresa Keane

    Hi Talis,

    It’d be worth reading this if you are thinking of travelling around Poland

    Have fun!


  43. andrew ivimey

    Its amazing how many times I have had a very similar experience to this one all over the world. So much so that I expect this level of stress and confusion in any new place, and so, perhaps, there is less stress. Many thanks Teresa. Your post is helpful and reassuring in several important ways and I can laugh at my many faux pas in very odd places!

  44. Olha

    Hi Teresa. Could you help pls… I’m arrive at Bus station Zachodnia then I need going to Modlin airport. I found its 40 km to airport. Which bus ? Train? Price ?Thanks

  45. Teresa Keane

    Hi Andrew,

    I would agree with that. I have also had similar experiences in different countries. I have travelled a lot over the years, and part of what makes it so interesting and exciting, as a traveller, is the challenges I face and have to overcome. You definitely need to be able to laugh about it all afterwards, as well.

    Best wishes,

  46. Teresa Keane

    Hi Olha,

    If you go to Warszawa Centralna, you can take the bus to the airport that I mentioned in the post. The other option would be to take the train to the airport from Zachodnia. I’m sure it stops there. You will need to check the bus and train (PKP) websites for pricing and schedules.

    Best of luck!

  47. Ariel Maximiliano

    Hi Teresa,

    Thanks for your info..

    I’d like to know if you remember how long it does it takes to get from the gate of the airplane to the ModlinBus door..

    For buying the tickets online it could be useful for not losing the bus we booked..

    Thanks in advance..

  48. Teresa Keane

    Hi Ariel,

    It depends on how quickly you walk and the type of luggage you have. The bus stops right outside departures.

    Buying tickets online means you have a guaranteed seat on the bus of your choice, and it saves you having to queue up to get a ticket. It’s quicker and easier once you are there.

    Have fun!

  49. strikealightblog

    Hi Teresa,

    I noticed you mentioned you’d moved to Warsaw (apologies if this is incorrect).
    I’m staying in the old town and getting in late (9:40pm) to Modlin.
    Would you recommend getting the bus or the train (I understand it’s a short shuttle and then train ride)
    Or as I’m a female traveller alone at night, would an uber be better as door-to-door?

    Thanks in advance!

  50. Teresa Keane

    Hi Sophie,

    I never lived in Warsaw. I lived in Southern Poland. If you’re thinking of public transport, the bus would be my preferred option. I have no idea how much an Uber ride would cost, and I have rarely used Uber (never in Poland), so I have no idea. Do whatever you feel most comfortable with. I am more likely to spend a bit more on transport and accommodation on arrival and then suss it all out the following day. Feeling and being safe is paramount. You want to enjoy your trip.


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