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Feb 27 2015

The Unrecognized Ones in Poznan

Someone from the local tourist information office told me that I should visit Park Cytadela while I was in Poznan, so when I saw a sign for it on my way back from Cathedral Island, I decided to continue walking and take a look at it.  When I arrived, I wasn’t sure where to go, and someone started asking me something in Polish.  I had to explain that I don’t understand Polish, so he started speaking in English.  As it turns out, we were looking for the same thing, the ampitheatre, so I joined him and his partner in the hunt for it.  That’s when he told us about something just as good or even better than that in the park – some sculptures.  I was intrigued, and hoped we’d find them.  We did, and here they are for this week’s Foto Friday.
The Unrecognized Ones

It’s quite astonishing when you first see these figures from a distance.  There are 112 of these two-metre tall, metal sculptures in all.  They are the creation of Magdalena Abakanowicz, an artist and sculptor from Poland.  They are known as The Unrecognized Ones (Nierozpoznani); a crowd of people wandering in different directions.  Apparently, they represent confusion and anonymity.  She has since created something similar on a larger scale in Chicago.


This is where Park Cytadela is located if you are interested in seeing it:

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