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May 22 2015

The Stone Book Legend in the Pieniny Mountains

Last weekend, while I was in Szczawnica, I went hiking in the Pieniny Mountains.

At the beginning of the trail, I saw this rather interesting, layered rock.  Due to my limited grasp of the Polish language, I was lucky to be with a local who was able to translate the text on the information board for me.  Apart from the fact that I love the structure of the rock, there is a story to go with it.  I love a good story, so I thought I would share it with you.

The Stone Book, Jaworki

This layered, flat, limestone rock has become known as ‘Kamienne Księgi’, ‘the Stone Book’.  According to local legend, it’s all about human fate.  Only one person was able to read this book, an old priest from Slovakia called the Great Lipnik.  As in any good story, there is a twist.  As legend has it, God did not want people to know their fate, so the Great Lipnik was unable to speak and pass on this information.  That meant, even though he could read the books, he couldn’t tell people what lay ahead of them.


This is where you will find ‘the Stone Book’:

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