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Oct 27 2015

A Fairy Tale Hotel Review: Part II

A Fairy Tale Hotel Review Part II

So, the wannabe princess didn’t get a good night’s sleep, nor did she meet her prince during her night’s stay in the palace.  What was she going to do?  She needed to stay one more night in the magical city of Manchester, so she consulted the Oracle (Google) once more.  ‘Website, website on the internet which is the quietest hotel of them all?’  Her top priority was to get a good night’s sleep.  She needed it more than ever now.  In a flash, a hotel popped up.  It looked… OK.  It didn’t have the wow factor, but that was way down her list after the previous night, so she booked it.

Pendulum Hotel

Some hours later, after a busy day around the city, she arrived at the new hotel, which vaguely resembled a spaceship.  She walked in, and although it was far from palatial, she was unperturbed.  She walked up to the reception desk and was met by Tweedledum and Tweedledee.  ‘What a pair!’, she thought.  The computer system had gone down.  Tweedledum was drowning under reams of paper as he tried desperately to understand the paper system.  He was taking such a long time.  All the while, the wannabe princess was standing there, feeling exhausted, and loaded down with a heavy bag.  She just wanted to check in and rest for a while.  Finally, Tweedledee came to the rescue and sorted out the muddle.  He gave her the key, and directed her to her room.

Too tired to walk, she sprinkled fairy dust over her head.  In an instant, she disappeared, only to reappear a second later outside her room.  She flung open the door, and was pleasantly surprised.  It wasn’t a big, fancy room.  On the contrary, it was bijou.  It was compact, cosy, and had everything she needed.

Pendulum hotel room

Better still, there wasn’t a tram track outside her window.  She breathed a sigh of relief.  ‘This will do,’, she declared.  As she was about the flop on the bed, she spotted a bottle of wine in the corner with two wine glasses.  Her eyes lit up at the sight, but then she sighed, as she had no one to share it with and, remembering what happened to her friend, Alice, she thought, ‘If I drink it, what will happen?’

Wine in the hotel room

What she really needed was something to eat.  As she had no idea where to go, she summoned the Twitter genie for some inspiration.  No longer staying in a place of grandeur, this wannabe princess didn’t want to eat just anywhere, but in a place with style.  Her wish was granted, and the next thing she knew, she was outside Rosso Restaurant, a glamorous-looking place.  This was just what she was looking for.  She walked inside and was greeted by a nymph who escorted her to a table, and left her to look through two menus – one for food and the other for drinks.  She picked up the drinks menu first, and started flicking through it.  She couldn’t put it down because it wasn’t like any drinks menu she had seen before.  It made her giggle.  There were pictures of old Hollywood stars, such as Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, with alcohol-related quotes, such as ‘Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.’  She was so engrossed that she completely forgot to order any food, until she was prompted.  She kept it simple, and went for pizza with a glass of Malbec, her all-time favourite wine.

Rosso restaurant

While she was there, surrounded by photos of Hollywood greats, she wondered if she should try to make it as a Hollywood star rather than a princess.  She had tried the whole princess thing, and it hadn’t worked.  Maybe Hollywood would be a better option for her.  Then, she could ditch Prince Charming in favour of… her very own George Clooney, Brad Pitt, or Johnny Depp.  Well, there’s no harm in dreaming, is there?

After a glorious evening, she made her way back to the hotel for a long awaited good night’s sleep.  She went to bed and… slept.  What a joy that was!  She might not have met the prince or Hollywood star of her dreams, but she felt so much better after an undisturbed night’s sleep.

The lesson she learned was that, sometimes, it’s best to forget about the glitz, glamour, and grandeur in favour of a more humble abode for a good night’s sleep.

The End

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