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Oct 13 2015

Room 158: A Fairy Tale Hotel Review

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Once upon a time, there was a young girl (OK, maybe not young, nor a girl) looking for a wonderful place to stay in the magical city of… Manchester.  She looked at the computer screen and said, ‘Website, website on the internet, which is the fairest (best value) hotel of them all?’  In a flash, a glorious looking hotel appeared on the screen, as if by magic.  It was a palace, the Palace Hotel, in fact.  The girl gasped in delight.  ‘I’m going to stay in a palace!’  She was all excited, booked it immediately, and went to bed, dreaming of being a princess in a palace.  ‘Will I meet my Prince Charming there?’, she wondered.

After a long journey, she finally arrived in a carriage (car) in the magical city of Manchester, and made her way to the palace.  She smiled as she walked towards the impressive, red brick building.

Manchester street sceneAs she stepped into the entrance hall, she gasped.  It was very grand.  She skipped (walked) across the floor to the reception desk where a friendly witch was waiting to check her in.     Hotel reception
To the girl’s surprise, the witch knew her name, and handed her a key to Room 158.  After that, she stepped on the magic carpet (lift), as advised by the reception witch, and was swiftly transported to the first floor.

She put the key in the door of Room 158, and flung it open.  She was delighted with what she saw.  It was a massive room, with a high ceiling, an enormous window, a big bed, and a huge en suite bathroom.  She had never had the pleasure of staying in such a big room before, and it was all for her.

Hotel room

It was too late to explore the magical city, but her tummy was rumbling.  She needed some food.  She went out into the city, and followed the bright lights.  To her astonishment, she walked through an elaborate arch, and was transported to a foreign land – Chinatown.
Chinese Arch, Manchester
With her eyes wide open, she looked at all the exotic places to eat, and chose one called the Great Wall.

With her belly full, she returned to the palace, and got ready for bed.  She turned on the hot tap and splashed water on her face.  As soon as she had done that, she leapt backwards.  She had splashed freezing cold water on her face that had come from the hot tap.  ‘How on earth did that happen?’, she wondered.  Although she was a little confused by this, she was exhausted.  She climbed into bed, turned out the light, and was ready to fall into a deep sleep, to be awoken only by a kiss from a prince.  That’s how it goes, isn’t it?

All night long, she tossed and turned and had difficulty sleeping.  Was it due to a bad dream?  No.  Was it due to a pea under the mattress?  No.  The reason why she didn’t sleep was solely due to the noise from the trams that passed by her window, just a few feet from her bed.  ‘Was it possible to have trams outside a first floor window?’, she pondered.  As she drew back the curtains, there it was… a tram track hovering above the road.  It was possible.

Tram tracks from hotel window

Because of the disturbed night’s sleep, there was no way she could have been awoken with a tender kiss from her Prince Charming.  Disillusioned and tired, she had a strong. black coffee, and left.

Staying in a palace wasn’t the fairy tale she had expected.  She didn’t have a relaxing night, nor did she meet her prince.  She would have to choose more carefully next time when consulting the Oracle (Google) to ensure she would get her fairy tale ending.  So, to all the wannabe princesses (and princes) out there… beware of Room 158!

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