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Feb 13 2017

Xlendi – My Favourite Place in Gozo

XlendiQuite often, while travelling, I accidentally end up in the most amazing place that I fall in love with.  Xlendi was that place in Gozo.  I had never heard of Xlendi until I started searching for alternative accommodation in Gozo after having a sleepless night due to a basement party at a hotel in Victoria (Gozo’s city),

I only stayed in Victoria because it was easy to get buses to any part of the island from the bus station, but I had to move.  While looking at a booking website in the morning, there were a couple of hotels in Xlendi that had rooms.  I had no idea what it would be like, but I booked one because the price was so good.  That was it.  I was off to Xlendi later that day, after my day out in Comino.

It was late in the afternoon when I went to finally got a bus to Xlendi.  After a while on the bus, we got to some huge cliffs which looked incredible.  I wished I could get off to take photos, but I wanted to get to Xlendi.  At the next stop the driver announced that we were in Xlendi, This was it. My wish had come true.  This is where I had booked myself in for the night.

The hotel was right in front of the sea.  I had booked a room without a sea view, but on my arrival, the receptionist showed me two rooms, one of which had a sea view.  The sea view was slightly more expensive, but it was too tempting to turn down, so I decided to go for it.  Well, why not make the most of the incredible view while I had the chance?  To fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the sea would be far more comforting than the loud music I had to put up with the night before.

View from hotel balcony in Xlendi

Getting around the island from Xlendi didn’t turn out to be a problem.  One day, I walked around almost half of Gozo, and the following day I travelled to the other side of the coast fairly easily by bus.  Being by the rugged coastline made it all worthwhile.

From my balcony, I saw some stairs on the cliff on the right-hand side.  I thought it would lead to a walk somewhere, so I investigated one afternoon.  I walked around and then up the cliff, which took me to a cave, Caroline’s cave.  It was full of water, so my walk came to an abrupt end.  Apparently, Caroline was a wealthy woman from Rabat who founded the Augustinian sisters.  She donated her land, which included this cave, to the sisters who used it as a place to swim in private.


Before leaving Gozo, I had to explore more of this beautiful coastal area.  The hotel receptionist told me where to go and what to see.  I walked along the promenade and followed it round, going over a bridge and then up to the cliff on the left-hand side.  I headed for Xlendi Tower first, a watchtower from the 17th century.  It was closed when I was there.  After that, I walked around the tower and then down to the disused salt pans.  After that, I continued on along the coast and then headed back to the town.  It was a great round trip with incredible scenery that didn’t take long to complete.


It was pure luck that I ended up staying in Xlendi.  Once there, I stayed on for another two nights, until I had to return to the UK.  I honestly don’t think I could have picked a better place.  If I return to Gozo, I will definitely stay in Xlendi again.


This is where Xlendi is located:

Center map
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