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Travel Questions and Answers

Here is a list of travel questions that I have answered.  If you have a travel question, submit it to Ask Teresa and I will add it to this ever-expanding list.


What inspired you to travel?

Well, I remember whilst on a family holiday to Portugal, meeting some English people working there.  I thought to myself, I want to do that… but I never did.  When I was 16, I stayed in France with a host family for a week.  While out discovering France, I could imagine myself living and working here… but I never did.  The job I studied for and worked as at the start of my career was ‘portable’ so I would have the opportunity to work and travel… but I never did.  I went to Alberta and BC in Canada for a conference and thought about how wonderful it would be to live there… but I never did.  I wanted to discover the world… but hadn’t.  t wasn’t until, at the age of 37, following the end of another long-term relationship, I looked at my life, what I had achieved and what I wanted that I realised there were things I wanted to do and hadn’t.  I used to watch and read about amazing adventures that people had and yearned to do something similar but, up to that point, hadn’t.  For more information on what actually got me to travel, check out my post on What Turned My Dream Of Travelling The World Into A Reality?.


Which country did you like the best?

I always find that a difficult question to answer because I visited 18 countries in 3 continents during my RTW trip.  These are the countries that have really stuck in my mind:  Laos, China, Australia, Bolivia, and Chile.


For me, Laos was the most relaxing and chilled out place of all the countries I visited.  I went there twice because I felt so calm and relaxed.  I loved China because there is so much to see.  I love landscapes and larger than life places.  China definitely fits that description.  I felt very at home in Australia and, once again, the landscape and wide expanse of land, especially in Western Australia, won me over.  Bolivia is an unusual country, which is probably why I like it.  You can do some wacky things like cycle down the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Road’ and hold a stick of dynamite before it explodes – crazy but true!  I had always wanted to go to Chile from when I was a child.  I loved the people and it was great to finally go and experience it after all those years.


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