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Oct 25 2013

The Big, Yellow… Church in Munich

During my few short hours in Munich, I tried to see as much as I could.  One building that literally stopped me in my tracks was this yellow church, which is the focus of this week’s Foto Friday. I think it’s impossible to miss because it is a massive, bright yellow building.  It really stands …

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Oct 21 2013

3 Smartphone Apps I Regularly Used Whilst Travelling

With more than a million apps available for download on Android and approximately 900,000 in the iPhone App Store, there are a lot of apps floating about in the digital world, aren’t there?  I, like most people, only use a few apps on a regular basis.  Today, I thought I would share with you the …

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Oct 18 2013

Stari Most: The Symbol of Mostar

The bridge that is the focus of this week’s Foto Friday is one that has been well photographed.  The reason for choosing it is because of its history and significance to the city in which it is located, Mostar. The Old Bridge, Stari Most, is located in the Old City of Mostar (Stari Grad) and …

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Oct 16 2013

Cetinje: An Underrated Destination

If you’re in Montenegro and looking to escape the crowds on holiday and get more of an authentic feel then it’s worth considering a visit to Cetinje. I think it probably gets overshadowed by the charm of some of the other old towns such as Kotor, the beach and nightlife of places like Budvar, and …

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Oct 09 2013

Don’t Forget Your Passport!

You might be thinking, ‘What? Of course I wouldn’t forget my passport!’.  I completely understand because I would have probably thought the same before I left for my most recent trip. The thing is… you’d be surprised how many people do actually forget their passports, which is every travellers’ nightmare.  It certainly surprised me. Over a six-week …

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Oct 07 2013

The Day I Blew my Travel Budget… Big Time!

It was just one of those days… A couple of days before, I pulled my sunglasses out of my handbag where they were safely stored, or so I thought, and found one of the arms was missing.  I couldn’t and still can’t work out how it happened. For the next two days, I continued to …

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