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Jul 01 2013

Luggage Storage while Travelling

When I travel from one place to the next by train or bus, I sometimes arrive early, have to change to another mode of transport, or have to vacate my accommodation (baggage and all) hours before my next train or bus.  That means I have time to explore a place for a few hours, which …

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Jun 24 2013

Organised Trips in Independent Travel…Really?

As you will be well aware now, this blog is about independent travel but what do I mean by that?  By independent travel I don’t necessarily mean travelling solo, which is often what it gets confused with, I mean travel that isn’t organised by an external company but something you organise yourself.  I tend to …

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Jun 03 2013

Theft While Travelling

Theft can be a problem while travelling.  In fact, just last week, at one of the hostels I was staying at, some people had valuable items stolen during the night –  a camera, phone, and money.  It’s awful to hear about things like that happening, especially when it’s in a small hostel where you’ve made …

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May 27 2013

Booking Accommodation on the Go

When I’m travelling, I tend to leave things like booking accommodation to the last minute, which isn’t always the best thing to do for a number of reasons: There might be an event in the city or town which means all the accommodation is booked out; if it’s a sprawling city, it might be difficult …

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May 22 2013

Airline-Free Travel

I like to think of myself as a responsible traveller but how I get from one place to the next often comes down to how much money I have.  Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t stretch very far so I tend to choose the cheaper option, which is often a budget airline. With that at the back …

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May 06 2013

It’s Different Second Time Around

If you’ve been reading my posts, you will know that I am on the move again almost 5 years to the day when I first headed off on my big adventure round the world.  I still can’t believe that it was 5 years ago this month. When I did it the first time I knew …

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