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Category: Asia

Feb 13 2013

Romantic Destinations

indonesia, the gillis, asia, beach, romance, romantic destination

As it’s the month of ‘L 😉 VE‘, there are lots of lists of romantic destinations circulating at the moment.  Being a bit of a dreamer and a romantic at heart, I thought I would add my two pennies worth.  I have been very fortunate over the last few years to visit many countries, towns and villages. …

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Feb 08 2013

Monkeys And Poppadoms

monkey, baby, animals, india, rishikesh

If you’ve ever wondered what monkeys eat, I have the answer… poppadoms.  OK, not just poppadoms but probably pretty much anything they can get their paws on. For this Foto Friday, I chose this particular photograph for a few reasons: 1.  I suppose the first reason is because it’s the first and only time I …

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Jan 25 2013

Lovin’ Lovina

boat, sea, lovina, bali

For this Foto Friday, we are in Bali: Lovina, to be exact.  I decided to go there to escape the madding crowd of the south and to see a bit more of the island.  I happened to be there in the low season, which was fortunate for a few reasons: 1.  It was wonderfully peaceful …

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Jan 11 2013

Karst Mountains On Your Doorstep

Recognise that amazing looking mountain?  Yes, you’re right; it’s the same as Independent Travel Help’s logo because this is the place where I took the photo. People often try to guess the location but, to date, not one person has got it right.  People generally say Vietnam because Northern Vietnam has a similar karst landscape …

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Dec 07 2012

What Do Baked Beans And Nha Trang Have In Common?

food craving, baked beans, food, nha trang, vietnam

Before I left for my travels, I never thought I would miss any food.  The strange thing is I did and it’s not so much the fact that I missed a particular type of food, it was the type of food I actually missed that was strange. I had been travelling for about 3 months.  …

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Sep 04 2012

Tourism: What a Load to Bear!

Nepal, Asia, Everest, Porter, travel, trek, work

Like lots of other travellers, trekking to Everest Base Camp was on my list of things to do although, when I arrived in Kathmandu, I wasn’t sure if I would do the trek for two reasons.  Firstly, it was coming up to Monsoon season.  Secondly, I had only ever hiked for a few hours at …

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