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Jul 03 2015

The Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw

I’ve been to Warsaw a few times and one building that is impossible to miss is today’s Foto Friday, The Palace of Culture and Science.  It has dominated Warsaw’s skyline for the past sixty years. I knew pretty much nothing about this building until I was looking through a book about Poland with a Polish colleague. …

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Jun 30 2015

Dunajec River Gorge

What a beautiful place it is!  I have been twice.  The first time I went, there was still snow and ice in the Pieniny Mountains because of the weather.  It wasn’t a wasted trip by any means because I treated it like a reconnaissance mission.  I was able to suss the place out for my next visit. …

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Jun 26 2015

Empty Chairs Memorial, Krakow

While I was exploring Krakow with a friend, we came across a square that had a number of chairs in it.  These chairs were permanent fixtures, but we didn’t know what they represented until my friend looked it up in her guide book.  Then, I did some of my own research.  As it turns out, …

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Jun 05 2015

An Underground Medieval Town in Olkusz

During my short visit to Olkusz, I came across this in the market square.  This entrance is covered in glass, hence the poor quality of the photo on a bright, sunny day.  Nonetheless, I have decided to use it because, after doing a bit of research, I discovered it has an interesting story that I’d like …

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May 29 2015

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska: Poland’s First Calvary

While I was in Wadowice last weekend, a local told me to visit Kalwaria Zebrzydowska.  The thing is, she didn’t say it once, she said it a couple of times.  I took that as a big enough hint, so I decided to check it out for myself.  I find that recommendations from locals are always …

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May 22 2015

The Stone Book Legend in the Pieniny Mountains

Last weekend, while I was in Szczawnica, I went hiking in the Pieniny Mountains. At the beginning of the trail, I saw this rather interesting, layered rock.  Due to my limited grasp of the Polish language, I was lucky to be with a local who was able to translate the text on the information board for me. …

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