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A little bit of inspiration

Feb 17 2015

Canterbury: Things to See and Do

I had wanted to visit Canterbury for such a long time, but somehow it never happened until last year when I was finally able to tick it off my list.  It’s so close to London that I didn’t have an excuse for not going.  You know what it’s like, though, you visit far-flung destinations, and …

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Feb 13 2015

Fat Thursday and Doughnuts

One of the great things about being an expat is that you learn a lot about the traditions of the country in which you are living.  I’ve learned so much already in the four months I’ve been here.  One is that Christmas goes on forever.  Okay, so I’m exaggerating a bit, but not much.  Christmas …

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Feb 10 2015

Expat Life: Four Months In

I had no idea what to post for today.  There was no need to fret, though, because my subconscious mind was on it without me knowing.  I found that out when I bedded down for the night.  I was all comfy and warm, tucked up in bed, when the idea came to me about updating you …

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Feb 06 2015

Spiš Castle: An Unexpected Find

In Europe, it’s difficult to travel around without coming across a castle or three.  Well, it certainly seems that way because I have seen and written about a few castles I have accidentally stumbled across during my travels around Europe in the last couple of years.  I haven’t needed to actively seek them out. So, …

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Feb 04 2015

The Charm of Kosice

While I was interrailing around Europe a couple of years ago, I had planned on visiting Kosice (Košice), but my plans changed and I never made it there.  Instead, I went to Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital city.  I’m not sure what it was, but I just wasn’t overly impressed.  I didn’t want to stay there for …

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Jan 30 2015

A Magical, Moroccan Mountain: Jbel Kissane

While I was in Morocco a few years ago, we stopped off at Agdz on the way back from our desert adventure near Merzouga to Ouarzazate.   Agdz is a small town, situated in the Atlas mountains by the Draa River.  It’s on the old caravan route between Marrakesh and Timbuktu.  One of the outstanding features when you are in …

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