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A little bit of inspiration

Dec 26 2014

The Round Church in Cambridge

I visited Cambridge (England) earlier in the year while I was working for a summer school.  During a wander around the city, I came across this church: The Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  I chose it as this week’s Foto Friday for two reasons: Firstly, it is one of the oldest buildings in Cambridge and, secondly, because …

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Dec 23 2014

One Island: Two Names (Harris and Lewis)

You would be forgiven for thinking that the Isle of Harris and the Isle of Lewis are two separate islands when, in fact, they aren’t.  It is actually one island, with Harris in the south and Lewis in the north.  I’m not sure why they are often referred to as the Isle of Harris and the …

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Dec 19 2014

The Ancient Callanish Standing Stones

I have found more large stones on my travels; this time on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.  Just as Ales Stenar is often referred to as the Stonehenge of Sweden, the Callanish (Calanais) Standing Stones are often called the Stonehenge of Scotland. Since these stones are a major tourist attraction and because …

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Dec 16 2014

Sunday on the Isle of Harris

It was Friday and I was on the Isle of Benbecula.  All week, I had been conscious of the fact that I needed to find a place to stay from Saturday to Monday.  This particular weekend was all the more important because I was told that the further north I went in the Outer Hebrides, the less …

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Dec 12 2014

Prague: Pretty as a Picture at Night

After hearing so much about it, I finally made it to Prague last year.  It certainly lives up to its reputation for being a beautiful city.  What I hadn’t realised was how incredibly beautiful it would be at night, especially down by the Vltava River.  For that reason, it’s this week’s Foto Friday.  I was actually …

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Dec 09 2014

The Cold, Hard Reality of Auschwitz

The first time I was in Krakow, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to Auschwitz, having found the Killing Fields and the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Cambodia upsetting a few years before.  I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to visit another place where people had been tortured and executed.  If I was on my …

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