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A little bit of inspiration

Sep 01 2015

Tower Bridge & The Glass Floor Walkways

During my numerous trips to London over the years, I had taken so many photos of Tower Bridge from all sorts of angles.  The one thing I hadn’t done was go inside.  It had never even crossed my mind to do so; that was until I wrote about it one Foto Friday.  Having done a …

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Aug 21 2015

The Magnificent, Medieval Ely Cathedral

It was late, and I was on my way back to Bishop’s Stortford after a great day out in Thetford.  I got on the first train that came along, thinking it would take me to Cambridge where I could change trains to get back to Bishop’s Stortford.  When the ticket inspector came along, he told me that …

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Aug 18 2015

Thetford: A Town Full of Surprises

While I was working in Bishop’s Stortford for five weeks, I wanted to continue on with what I had started while I was living in Poland – exploring my surroundings on the one day off I had.  So, I did, and my first trip was to Thetford.  I had heard of Thetford, but I knew …

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Aug 14 2015

Thetford Priory

On my return to the UK, one of the first places I visited was Thetford in Norfolk.  When I arrived at the train station, I headed straight for the priory, which was the only thing I knew about the town.  As ruins goes, the priory is pretty spectacular because the site is huge, which makes …

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Jul 03 2015

The Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw

I’ve been to Warsaw a few times and one building that is impossible to miss is today’s Foto Friday, The Palace of Culture and Science.  It has dominated Warsaw’s skyline for the past sixty years. I knew pretty much nothing about this building until I was looking through a book about Poland with a Polish colleague. …

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Jun 30 2015

Dunajec River Gorge

What a beautiful place it is!  I have been twice.  The first time I went, there was still snow and ice in the Pieniny Mountains because of the weather.  It wasn’t a wasted trip by any means because I treated it like a reconnaissance mission.  I was able to suss the place out for my next visit. …

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