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May 07 2012

Five Facts about Perugina

Here are five facts I learned about Perugina when I was at their HQ recently:

1. It’s owned by Nestle.

2.  They produce chocolate from June to February and are closed from March to May for maintenance and producing chocolate for export only.

3.  Baci was first produced in 1922 – Happy Birthday!

4.  65,000 people visit the museum every year.

5.  They have some interesting ways of advertising.  The two I particularly liked were the giant chocolate and the the kiss.  OK, I’d better explain.  In 2003, the company made a giant Baci chocolate (2.15 metres high) and secretly placed it in the centre of Perugia.

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Replica of Giant 2003 Guinness World Record-Breaking Baci Chocolate

Then, in 2009, a man called Giovanni started an online campaign for help in his quest to kiss his neighbour Gaia.  Perugina supported him and, well, it’s probably better to watch the video to find out the full story…

It makes me smile very time and shows the power of the Internet.  I’d love to know what happened after.

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